Government Study Committee

Committee Charge
Your charge as a committee is to review the Government Study Committee recommendations of year 2000 and update that document to this current time. You may add to the document changes that will enhance and simplify it, but you shall not change the original intent of the document as a Mayoral and Town Consul form of government.

You are also charged with the education of this form of government to the citizens of North Attleboro through public hearings that you will convene. And at your conclusion return the finish document to this board for its finial discussion and article submittal to RTM.

If any of you feel that you can not fulfill this appointment of completing this document and helping to bring it forward to allow the citizens of North Attleboro the opportunity of casting a vote either for or against this form of government, than I would ask you to step aside. it is not your charge to debate this form of government to another, only to update this document as needed for finial presentation to the Citizens, RTM and the State Legislature.

Board Members