Planning Board


The Planning Board’s primary responsibilities are to administer the Subdivision Control Law pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41 and to issue certain special permits and site plan approval under the Zoning By-Laws in order to ensure the public safety, interest and welfare of the residents of the Town.  The Board conducts meetings and public hearings in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws to review and consider subdivision plans, plans to construct and abandon paper streets, Approval Not Required (Form A) plans, site plans, and certain special permit applications.

Another important function of the Planning Board is to consider and prepare amendments to the Town’s Zoning By-Laws.  The Board conducts public hearings on amendments created by the Board and on zoning amendments that are submitted to the Board by way of citizen petition or by landowners or other town boards through the proper procedures for submitting Town Meeting articles. 

The Planning Board is responsible for developing and updating the Town’s Master Plan, an ongoing process that the Planning Board will be facilitating through this web site.

The Planning Board conducts public hearings for and issues permits to remove earth material.

The Planning Board also holds public hearings on proposals to remove public shade trees or to alter stone walls on designated scenic ways.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michelle DiRenzo Admin Assistant (508) 699-0116
Nancy Runkle Town Planner

Board Members

Name Title
Patrick K. Sullivan Vice Chairman
Gregory Walsh Chairman
William F. Collins Secretary
Julie Boyce
Marie K Clarner