Fire Prevention Division


The North Attleborough Fire Department's Fire Prevention Office is dedicated to preventing fires through:

  • Public education
  • Fire inspections
  • Enforcement
  • Comprehensive fire investigations

In order to reduce the loss of life and property as well as to protect the environment thereby improving the quality of life for our community. We endeavor to create a progressive and safe environment that benefits all.

Activities And Their Objectives

  • Coordinate engine company inspection program. Annually inspect businesses for fire hazards and building familiarity (Pre-fire planning) for suppression personnel.
  • Investigate the cause and origin of fires.
  • Prevent future fires by cause awareness of past fires, and supporting the prosecution of those responsible for arson fires.
  • Perform field inspections of new construction. Ensure buildings are constructed according to plans and all fire protection systems are operational.
  • Participate in community fire defense planning. Which includes emergency operational planning, incident action planning, and wildland-urban interface planning.
  • Public Education. Organize Fire Prevention Week activities, National Fire Prevention Week is scheduled for the second week of October each year.
  • Coordinate community public education and safety training.
  • Coordinate all special event activities involving the Fire Department program and functions.
  • Perform required inspections of multi-family dwellings, hotels, motels, lodging houses, dormitories, and schools for fire code compliance.
  • Coordinate and manage smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm inspection program.
  • Investigate citizen complaints.