Lenore's Pantry

Lenore’s Pantry is for residents of North Attleboro to assist with food insecurity and can be utilized once a month. People wanting to begin using Lenore’s Pantry need to call the Board of Health office at 508-699-0100 ext. 2520 to make appointment to register.

Pantry is open by appointment only on:

  • Mondays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Fridays from 8:00 am to 11:00 am 

Monthly Food Assistance Form

Donations and Volunteering

Donations of non perishable food items, checks, gift cards or personal care items, are accepted any time the Board of Health is open. Checks should be made out to “Lenore's Pantry"

Lenore's Pantry Volunteer Application Form

Lenore's Pantry Monthly Food Assistance Form

  1. Dear Pantry Participant:

    In an effort to continue to address food insecurity during this hectic time, Lenore's Pantry will be utilizing this shopping list form for all Registered Participants. Please complete the attached form and be sure to include all contact information so we can arrange food pick up. At the end of the form, there are blank lines for you to list any fresh fruits or vegetables that you would use to prepare your meals. We also ask that you include diaper size and formula preference for children in your home. We will complete the orders to the best of our ability. Email is the preferred method of submission for the completed forms (JBBadger@nattleboro.com). If that is not an option, please mail your form to: Board of Health, 43 South Washington Street, North Attleborough, MA 02760. We will be scheduling pickup times on Monday and Friday during our regular pantry hours. If you have questions or wish to register for pantry please call 508-699-0100 ext. 2520.

    Thank you and stay safe.

  2. Cereal
  3. Canned Pasta
  4. Meat
  5. Tuna

    2 Cans

  6. Chunky Soup

    3 Cans

  7. Condensed Soups

    Pick 5 (No more than 2 of one kind)

  8. Pasta

    Choose 4

  9. Baked Beans

    If available choose preference

  10. Pasta Sauce

    1 Jar / Can If Available, Choice Preferred

  11. Tomato Products
  12. Raman Noodles

    2 Packages

  13. Fruit

    1 Can

  14. Crackers

    One Sleeve

  15. Beverages
  16. Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Families Only

  17. Mac and Cheese
  18. Vegetables

    Two cans each. As available

  19. Beans

    2 Cans, Select Preference

  20. Snacks

    If Available

  21. Jell-O / Pudding
  22. Complete Pancake Mix
  23. Maple Syrup
  24. Dessert
  25. Potatoes / Rice
  26. Condiments
  27. Personal Care
  28. Do You Have Dentures?
  29. Do You Cook with Fresh Vegetables?
  30. Leave This Blank:

  31. This field is not part of the form submission.