North Attleborough Business Accelerator

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The North Attleborough Business Accelerator aims to support businesses and entrepreneurs across North Attleborough by enhancing development, expanding existing operations, creating new opportunities, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth within our community.

What is the North Attleborough Business Accelerator?

  • The North Attleborough Business Accelerator (NABA) aims to drive economic development in North Attleborough by providing funding and technical assistance resources  to new or established businesses and to assist them in scaling their operations.
  • NABA boosts economic growth and development within the community by leveraging grant funding acquired from the Commonwealth.
  • Applications for funding are competitive and will be accepted beginning July 7th on a rolling basis for businesses located within North Attleborough.
  • Applicants must be established businesses. If awarded, applicants are expected to allocate the provided funding towards improving their operations, development, and growth within a timeframe of three to six months.
  • Throughout this period, grantees will be provided with mentoring and resources from Town departments, financial support through this grant, and guidance from business leaders. The program concludes with a demo day, during which grantees showcase their businesses to the Economic Development Subcommittee of the Town Council.
  1. Information
  2. Eligibility
  3. Apply For Funding
  4. FAQ's
  • Applicants may apply for economic development funding opportunities up to $25,000
    • Application is available online. For those that need additional assistance, including translation, please contact Lyle Pirnie. Paper applications are available in the Town Manager’s office.
    • Applications taken on a rolling basis until all funds are depleted.
    • Applications will be reviewed and awarded by the North Attleborough Board of Strategic Partners (The NABA Board).
  • The NABA Committee will invite applicants to present their business concept/model/plan presentation before the committee
  • Grantees agree to submit two quarterly reports and make a final presentation of results to the North Attleborough Economic Development Subcommittee in April of 2024 or whenever designated.
  • No match or repayment is required.