Flood Recovery Resources

***ANYONE who experienced flood damage should contact their insurance company.*** 
This should be the first course of action, regardless of if they have flood coverage or not. Please also submit a Flood Damage Report to Big Red 311 for data collection purposes. 

Help Us Assess Flood Damage

Your input is invaluable in helping us understand the scope of the damage and secure the necessary resources for our community's recovery.

Please submit a Big Red 311 Flood Damage Report for data collection purposes. Download the SeeClickFix app on your phone for ease of including pictures.

Department Phone Number
Emergencies 911
Non-Emergency Public Safety 508-695-1212
Town Hall 508-699-0100
Animal Control 508-699-0128
Building Department 508-699-0100 ext. 2527
Department of Public Works 508-695-9621
Health Department 508-699-0100 ext. 2560
North Attleboro Electric Department 508-643-6300
Senior Center 508-699-0100 ext. 2636
Solid Waste 508-699-0100 ext. 6537

Please check back often as more information will be added

Crisis Clean Up Hotline: 978-219-6107 

The hotline will be open through September 29. Residents can call if they need help cleaning up after the recent storms on 9/11

Clean-Up Kits

None available at this time

Massachusetts 2023 Flood Recovery Resources

North Attleboro Storm Debris Disposal Site

  • The Storm Disposal Site is open from Monday, September 25 to Saturday, September 30 thanks to the assistance of Team Rubicon
  • 230 Mendon Road (The Courtois Site, located across from Longview Drive)
  • Hours 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Please note that this cleanup effort is exclusively for North Attleboro residents. To gain entry, kindly bring your North Attleboro ID with your address. No Contractors. Residents who have hired contractors to handle the cleanup, they must responsibly dispose of the materials elsewhere. This site is reserved for residents' use.

Accepted Debris:

Only storm debris damaged between September 9th and 16th will be accepted. Residents are responsible for bringing debris to the site and segregating it into separate containers.

Items NOT Accepted:

    • Tires
    • Batteries
    • Leaves, Wood, or Yard Waste
    • Brick or Concrete
    • Asphalt or Asphalt Shingles
    • Household Hazardous Waste
    • Paints or Oils
    • Asbestos
    • Light Bulbs

Items Must be Segregated in the Following Separate containers:

    • Construction Debris
    • Municipal Solid Waste (Bag all food products)
    • White Goods/Metal
    • Mattresses/Box Springs
    • Freon Bearing Appliances
    • E-waste, Electronics, TV's

Important Notes:

If containers reach their capacity, the site may close early. We appreciate your understanding.
We kindly ask everyone to be respectful. Residents who raise their voices or display aggressive behavior towards our staff will be requested to leave the site.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

For residents who were affected by the storms. This is for North Attleboro Residents only and they must a North Attleboro ID with address

  • Thursday, September 21, 2023
  • 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM 
  • DPW Garage, 240 Smith Street

Accepted Items: Residential waste only.

    • Poisons and Pesticides
    • Herbicides and Fertilizers
    •  Kerosene and Other Waste Fuels
    • Oil-Based Paints
    • Oven, Toilet Bowl and Drain Cleaners 
    • Paint Strippers
    •  Turpentine and Solvents
    • Swimming Pool Chemicals
    • Photographic Chemicals
    •  Antifreeze and Motor Oil
    • Auto Batteries


    Not Accepted: 

      • Latex Paint
      • Paint that cleans up with water
      • Smoke Detectors
      • Explosives; Ammunition
      • Fireworks
      • Radioactive Waste
      • Biohazardous Waste
      • Pathological Waste
      • Gas Cylinders
      • Commercial or Industrial Wastes


  • Printing, Copying, Scanning and Faxing Services available

Sand Bags

  • Sand and bags are available at the DPW Garage located at 240 Smith St. You may have to fill your own bags. Available anytime.


  • Seniors 60 and over can contact the Senior Center at 508-699-0100 ext. 2636 if they are in need of any assistance ( Meals on Wheels may  be provided)
  • Seniors needing assistance in filling out forms, filing claims, and other paperwork may contact Julia Wheatley, Outreach Worker at 508-699-0121.

YMCA Hurley Branch (300 Elmwood Ave, North Attleboro)

  1. General Safety
  2. Clean Up Tips
  3. Informational Links
  4. Insurance Claims
  • Stay away from downed utility wires. Always assume a downed power line is live. Electrocution is also a serious danger in floods as electrical currents can travel through water.
  • "Turn Around, Don’t Drown!” - Don’t drive through flooded roads. Do not drive around barricades.
  • Stay out of damaged buildings and away from affected areas or roads until authorities deem them safe.
  • If your power is out, report outages to your utility company and follow power outage safety tips.
  • Look before you step. Debris, including broken bottles and nails can cover the ground and floors after a flood. Mud covered floors and stairs can be slippery.
  • Throw away food (including canned items) that has come in contact with floodwaters. Don’t eat food from flooded gardens. Throw away any refrigerated food that was not kept at temperatures above 40°F for more than two hours or that has an unusual odor, color, or texture.
  • Call 9-1-1 to report emergencies, including downed power lines and gas leaks.
  • Stay away from downed utility wires. Always assume a downed power line is live.