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Posted on: July 25, 2023

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future: The Boulter Farm Area Remediation and Redevelopment Project

The Town of North Attleboro has developed a Community Relations Plan (CRP) to address the needs and concerns of residents, business owners/operators, and stakeholders affected by the proposed remediation and redevelopment of the Boulter Farm Area (BFA) property located at 230 Mendon Road. The plan outlines the Town's strategy for including and ensuring active participation of stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Lyle Pirnie, the Town's Economic Coordinator, serves as the project's spokesperson. Stakeholders may contact Lyle at North Attleboro Town Hall. The Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) representing the Town is Tracey Costa, Verdantas.

Site Description and History:

The two-acre BFA was initially a pig farm and later a sand and gravel facility. The site has a history of waste storage and disposal that led to contamination of soil and groundwater with substances like petroleum hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), lead, and zinc. The Town acquired the site in 1998 and has since implemented measures to mitigate potential hazards.

Proposed Cleanup Plan:

The Town plans to excavate contaminated sediments from the BFA lagoon and install an engineered barrier with clean fill. This cleanup remedy aims to address environmental issues effectively and safely. Post-remediation sampling and groundwater monitoring will confirm continued effectiveness of the cleanup process.

Community Background:

North Attleboro is a town known for its history of farms, industry, and jewelry manufacturing. The Town is committed to clean environment initiatives, energy conservation, and sustainability. Various planning initiatives, programs, and permits are in place to responsibly stimulate community and economic development.

Community Outreach:

The Town conducted community outreach activities in June 2022 to discuss the proposed cleanup activities, and it plans to hold additional public meetings at significant project milestones to keep the community informed and engaged. Public notices will appear in local newspapers and on the Town's website to announce cleanup activities, public meetings, and the availability of project information at Town Hall.

In addition to the proposed cleanup plan, the Town has decided to repurpose the BFA after the successful completion of the remediation and redevelopment project. This decision presents an opportunity for stakeholders to get involved in the repurposing process.

We enthusiastically encourage abutters, neighboring property owners, get engaged in the re-purposing process of the BFA. The Town recognizes the importance of considering the interests and concerns of the neighboring residents and business owners/operators. As part of the Community Relations Plan (CRP), the Town will conduct targeted outreach to abutters and seek their input and feedback on the potential future uses of the site.

The involvement of abutters in the re-purposing process can take various forms, such as:

  1. Abutters' Meetings: The Town may organize meetings specifically for abutters to discuss the repurposing process and gather their input on the desired future use of the property. These meetings will provide an opportunity for abutters to express their preferences, concerns, and suggestions.
  2. Community Surveys: Surveys may be distributed to abutters to gather their opinions on the possible redevelopment options for the BFA. The Town can use survey responses to better understand the community's preferences and priorities.
  3. Public Hearings: The Town might hold public hearings where abutters can provide formal comments and feedback on the repurposing process and proposed plans for the site's future use. This will ensure transparency and inclusivity in the decision-making process.
  4. Access to Information: The Town will make sure that abutters have access to all relevant project information, including the remediation progress, auction details, and any proposals for the site's future development.

By involving abutters in the re-purposing process, the Town aims to create a collaborative and transparent approach to the redevelopment of the BFA property. This inclusion of the community in decision-making can lead to a more satisfactory outcome that aligns with the Town's goals for community development and sustainability.

This Spotlight provides a condensed overview of the Town's Community Relations Plan for the Boulter Farm Area remediation and redevelopment project. For more detailed information and updates, please contact the designated spokespersonLyle Pirnie, by email or by telephone 508-699-0100 extension 2545. 

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