Confirmed Rabid Coyote: What you need to know

If you have been or think you may have been exposed to the coyote confirmed rabid in the area of South Washington Street and East Washington Street on 11/20/17 please call the state epidemiologist number at 617-983-6800 to determine your level of exposure if any and be advised if you need to start rabies shots.

It is important to remember that attacks by coyotes are rare and the North Attleboro incidents are the 8th and 9th documented attacks since the 1950s per the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

We urge you to call animal control 508.699.0128 to report unusual animal behavior, or the non-emergency police number if after hours or if we are out on a call.

If you see a coyote it is important to haze this animal by standing your ground, yelling, clapping your hands, and making as much noise as possible to scare it off.

Abnormal coyote behavior includes biting inanimate objects or acting boldly by approaching humans.

Be sure to obey all leash laws and watch kids and pets when outside. Keep your cats indoors. Cover all trash and remove bird feeders that serve to indirectly feed wildlife.

If your pet has come inside with a bite or scratch after being outdoors within the past five days, take them to the vet to be checked. Make sure all pets are up to date on rabies shots.

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