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Adoptable Dogs as of Feb 2020

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NEUTERED MALE - Pit Bull Mix. Black Brindle with White. Shorthaired. Medium-large. 65 pounds. Approx: 7 years


I love to get my way but the shelter folks have quickly realized that I'm really eager to learn and please, I'm a real ace with the trainer! Still, strangers frightens me, especially when they are near MY people.


I would love a home with no children and no other animals, I'm just too needy! Pitbull savyy parents would be the best! I love to go for long walks and play with my toys, hang out in the sunshine with someone to cuddle me.


I just want to learn stuff to help me find my forever home. I am doing so awesome!!! My bucket list family is one without cats, an adult home, bully experience, and continuing education, along with a comfy bed, a loving family, car rides and sunshine. Come by and visit me, I’m doing great meeting new people!”


PS - It’s been discovered that I like girls, but, I’m really a guys dog, I don’t know, it’s just me. Guys stop by to see me and I grab my stuffie, wiggle all over the place, practically turn myself inside out, and upside down, and smile. Girls come by and I look behind them to see if there might be a guy hiding behind them!! Just sayin…

ling ling

Ling Ling


She is a 3 year old spayed boxer bull mix. She is very smart and knows sit, stay and paw (and probably a few others!)


Lady Eliza Thornberry


Eliza is a 4-5 year old English bulldog. She needs to be the ONLY ANIMAL in the household. She is quite a sweeheart as long as she has lots of treats and belly rubs. She is not shy about letting you know when she wants something!