Board of Health

Mission Statement:

Our mission as your Board of Health is to protect public health in our community. This means to control disease, promote sanitary living and working conditions, and protect the environment from disease and pollution. We work as a group to make and amend community health regulations, issue permits and licenses for people to operate businesses that relate to public health (such as food service, health spa, nail salons, septic hauler, stables, trash hauler, Title V inspector), and provide services and information to the community regarding individual and public health.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Davis Health Director & Agent (508) 699-0103
Robert Casper Assistant Health Agent
Anne Marie Fleming, R.N. Public Health Nurse (508) 699-0104
Mary Joubert, R.N. P/T Nurse
Dawn Denizkurt Administrative Secretary 508-699-0103
Susan Charette P/T Clerk 508-699-0103

Board Members 2016-2017

Name Title
Donald M. Bates Member
John J. Donohue Jr. Member
Jonathan D. Maslen Chairman