Business and Industrial Commission


To provide an informative and practical guide that will promote new business for the Town and facilitate the process of starting said business. 

Guidelines for Starting a Business:

  1. Choose a name for your company. Be sure to check out trademarks and names that are already in use. There is a website under Secretary State MA that can help you.
  2. Develop a Business Plan. This plan should be a resume for your business stating your goals, planned strategies. marketing information and financial data. The plan should be a road map for the owner, his vendors and the financial institutions he works with. If you are planning to borrow money, a business plan is essential. The Internet and the library are good sources. There are also professional business plan writers available.
  3. Seek Professional help. With your Business Plan in hand, you may want to talk with your lawyer, accountant, realtor, financial advisor and/or bank. Decide on what type of business you are going to register i.e.corporation, sole proprietor, LLC, etc.
  4. Get your EIN# (Tax I.D.#). You will need this number for financing, opening a business bank account and registering with the state. You can get the number online at IRS/GOV and the fee is payable by credit card.
  5. Register your business with the state. Visit the following link for more information:
  6. Buying or Renting? Take time to thoroughly research your investment. “Buyer Beware”. Make a list of questions and research the answers. It is important that the building you invest in is in compliance with local laws.
  7. Check on the zoning laws before you proceed. Getting a variance can be difficult. There is a zoning map on the wall on the second floor of town hall and you can call Mary Burgess who is the Town Planner.
  8. Make a detailed plan of what you intend to do with your purchased or rental property. A professional plan drawing can be important for large renovations. This is the time to consult an Architect, store planner, or design engineer.
  9. Be diligent. Based on the plans and your wish list, get an estimate of costs. Ask for recommendations and get estimates in writing.
  10. Visit a local sign company with your thoughts on advertising and discuss designs and costs.

You are now ready to call the Building Inspector at (508) 699-0110 and request a design review meeting.


If you have any questions regarding business in North Attleboro, please contact one of the commission members.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Lyle Pirnie Chairman
Sean Carroll Member
Marianna Lankova Member