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The members of the Charter Commission are committed to conduct a transparent, educational, and thorough process of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of our current form of government in its ability to effectively respond to the needs of the residents and deal with the challenges of the future.  As part of this process the Commission will seek out comments and suggestions from all residents, and appointed and elected officials in an effort to properly analyze changes to recommend and which at the same time are acceptable to the voters of the Town.

The Charter Commission operates under the provisions of MGL Chapter 43B.  Two main components of the general law are:

Within sixteen months after its election (by Aug. 4, 2018,) the charter commission shall prepare a preliminary report including the text of the charter which the commission intends shall be submitted to the voters and any explanatory information the commission deems desirable, shall cause such report to be published in a newspaper having general circulation in the town, shall provide sufficient copies of the preliminary report to the town clerk to permit its distribution to each registered voter requesting the same, and shall furnish two copies to the attorney general and two copies to the department of housing and community development.

Within eighteen months after its election (Oct. 4, 2018), the charter commission shall submit to the board of selectmen its final report, which shall include the full text and an explanation of the proposed new charter, such comments as the commission deems desirable, an indication of the major differences between the current by-laws and proposed charter, and a statement of not more than one thousand words by the commission minority, if any.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mark Fisher Chairman
Stephen Dailey Clerk
Mitchell MacDonald Vice Chairman

Board Members