SafeLink Wireless Lifeline Service

The COA recently received information on SafeLink Wireless, a government supported program, which provides a free cell phone and 80 minutes of free airtime each month -- “Lifeline Service” -- to income-eligible customers. In addition, clients who participate in the Safelink Wireless program are not billed nor are there any contract requirements.

Persons living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts qualify for Lifeline Service/Lifeline Assistance as long as:

1. They already participate in one of the following programs:

  • SSI
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance
  • SNAP
  • MassHealth
  • TAFDC or
  • Fuel Assistance

2. No one in the household currently receives Lifeline Assistance through another phone carrier; and

3. They have a valid United States Postal Address -- free phones will not be shipped to P.O. Boxes.

The easiest way for clients to apply for SafeLink Wireless Service in Massachusetts is through the SafeLink Wireless website. Beyond their name, mailing address, and contact information, the only information required is the persons birthdate, last four digits of the Social Security number, and proof of participation in one of the above programs. Clients who prefer to apply by phone (1-800-977-3768); will be mailed a form to complete and return; this step adds 2-4 weeks to the approval process.

Once approved, SafeLink customers receive free cellular service, a free cell phone, 80 minutes of free airtime monthly, plus caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, rollover minutes, text messaging capability, technical support, and the option to purchase additional minutes through Tracfone Airtime Cards.

Safelink service is limited to one person per household. The service expires when the client is no longer eligible for benefits, or if s/he fails to re-qualify after a year of enrollment. At that time, the client automatically becomes a regular Tracfone customer with a service contract and monthly bills.

Call the COA if you need assistance applying for SafeLink.