Municipal Vulnerabilites Prepardness Program

The Town of North Attleborough recently Completed two Community Resilence Building  (CRB) Workshops.The goal of these workshops was to further investigate the Town’s prior planning efforts and resiliency measures as well asto develop a list of strengths, as well as priority actions to focus on in the immediate future.  The attached Report describes the process used for the workshops and a final Risk Matrix that was developed through the colaborative workshop process.  this Matrix describes the Town's strengths and weaknesses, priortizes community action items, and discusses future efforts for planning and projects.

The Municipal Vulnerabilities Preparedness (MVP) Program is a state program designed to provide support for cities and towns in Massachusetts to begin the process of planning for climate change resiliency and implementing priority projects. Involving the municipalities of Massachusetts to address natural hazards being amplified by climate change allows more targeted solutions to these problems.

This program is designed to encourage discussion in order to help municipalities identify the vulnerabilities, strengths, and opportunities to take action to reduce risk and build resilience in their communities.