Arnold Road/Crescent Ave. Area Water Main Replacement Project

The Department of Public Works has contracted with CELCO Construction Corp. for the replacement of water mains and services in the area of Arnold Road (completed) and the side streets between Roosevelt Avenue and Westside Avenue.  

The contractor is replacing the water mains and services on all of the roads between Roosevelt Avenue and Westside Avenue, including those off of Crescent Avenue and Amvet Blvd.

During the water main replacement, the existing water line will be used to continue to deliver water to residences.  We anticipate that residents will be without water for short periods of time while connections are made to the existing water mains and to the houses themselves.

These main replacements will complete all below ground infrastructure work within the roadways in this neighborhood. After completion of the water main project, a new sidewalk will be installed from the Amvet School to Arnold Road through Crescent Avenue.  Then the roads will be milled and repaved in the entire area.

This work will be coordinated with the school and solid waste pickup.  Residents are asked to have their trash and recycling at curbside by 6:30AM.

If you have any questions, please contact 508-695-9621.

To see the construction plans, click here.