Notice to North Attleborough Water Customers


********************** NOTICE ***********************

To North Attleborough Water Customers:

The Water Department is notifying residents that, due to a nation-wide shortage of sodium fluoride, we will not be able to continue to treat the drinking water from our Treatment Facility with fluoride for some period of time.   The company that the Town contracts with for sodium fluoride has notified the Water Division that we will not be able to receive deliveries of fluoride until the end of December.  The Water Division will resume the treatment and notify residents when fluoride is reintroduced.   Residents who may have concerns should contact doctors, peditricians, or dentists.   

While small amounts of sodium fluoride are added to the water for its dental health benefits, it is not necessary to keep drinking water safe.  Other chemicals necessary to keep town drinking water safe are not in short supply.

If you have any questions, please contact the North Attleborough Water Division at 508-695-7790.