Compost Will Reopen for the Spring on Saturday April 14, 2018


  • The Town of North Attleborough Composting Facility, located on Plain Street, is for Town of North Attleborough residents only.
  • Non-residents and commercial vehicles are not allowed and shall be considered trespassing and illegally dumping.
  • The Composting Facility is for the disposal of leaves, grass and brush only.
  • No building debris is allowed. Individuals leaving non-approved materials shall be subject to fines of up to $300 and arrest. No prepared (man-made) wood (birdhouses, siding, shingles, etc.) is allowed. Prepared wood may contain nails that can cause damage to our equipment and require the Town to pay for disposal.

Town of North Attleborough Residents shall have proof of residency in the following forms:

  • Driver’s License, showing Town residency
  • Vehicle Registration showing Town residency
  • Valid Landfill Sticker for Town Landfill

The Public Works staff has no methodology for determining the business use of a vehicle, and therefore, does not allow vehicles with commercial plates unless they have a valid North Attleborough Landfill sticker on their vehicle. Commercial Vehicles shall be any vehicle, marked or unmarked, that has commercial license plates issued to the vehicle as a business.

LANDSCAPING OR TREE COMPANIES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to dispose of any debris (including residential debris) at the compost site. All commercial vehicles that enter the site shall be recorded and the company shall be fined, per Town By-Laws.

The Composting Facility shall be open, generally, between April 15th and December 1st (subject to change due to weather conditions). Hours shall be posted in the newspaper and on the DPW website annually.

Composting Facility Hours are (excluding Holidays):

  • Friday - 8:30am – 3:30pm
  • Saturday - 8:00am – 3:30pm
  • Sunday - 8:00am – 3:30pm