North Attleborough Economic Development Promotional Video

1.  Southeastern Economic Development Corporation (SEED) is a government-related organization whose mission is to arrange low interest loans up to $250000 for small businesses in southeastern Mass.  Many hairdressers, real estate agencies and other similar businesses in our part of the state have worked with SEED for financing to start businesses.  If you are interested, either Google "SEED" or contact Lyle Pirnie at town hall for more information

2.  North Attleboro has been awarded a $187K Green Communities grant.  We have committed to 20% energy savings in municipal and school energy usage over the next five years, and have submitted a list of projects to enable us to achieve this goal.  The first three projects will be upgrading lighting to LED's at the Martin School, upgrading the insulation at the Martin School, and upgrading the lighting in the Town Hall parking lot.  These projects will be completed inspring and summer, 2020.

3.  A new branding campaign for the town is beginning!  The first step in "Historic North Attleboro" branding is to hang new banners in the downtown area, replacing the DANA-sponsored banners currently in place.  The banners will be red, with historic North Attleboro buildings silhouetted in the background.  These banners will also have DANA sponsors shown on them.  The banners should be in place by May 1.

4. As a reminder:  for the duration of the coronavirus crisis, please use apprpriate guidance when visiting stores, theaters, restaurants and bars.  Please remember to frequently use hand sanitizer.  Avoid physical contact with othres whenever possible.  Try, as much as possible, to maintain space away from other venue patrons.







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