Historic Preservation Questionnaire




In 2016 the Town of North Attleborough received grant funding to prepare an action-oriented community-wide historic preservation planning document designed to ensure the preservation of historic and cultural resources within the Town. This is the first formal Preservation Plan for North Attleborough and fulfills one of the priorities within the Historic Preservation section of the 2014 Town of North Attleborough Master Plan.

Historic Preservation is defined as the practice of protecting and preserving buildings, structures, sites, or districts that reflect elements of local or national cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological, or architectural history.

The town’s new Historic Preservation Plan will serve as the planning document for town boards and commissions and community residents for cultural and historic preservation and planning projects. The Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc. (PAL) project is assisting the North Attleborough Historical Commission with the development of the Plan.

Community involvement and public input are critical to the Plan being an effective and useful planning tool for ongoing and future historic preservation efforts. This questionnaire is designed to solicit information from residents, town officials, and potential preservation partners about historic resources in North Attleborough. These resources may include structures, neighborhoods, landscapes, archaeological sites, or cemeteries. The information collected through this questionnaire will be presented at a Public Forums to be scheduled in August 2017. Your knowledgeable input and perspective about what is historically and culturally important to the citizens of the Town of North Attleborough will help guide the Plan’s development.

Feel free to include as much information as you like, and attach any other documents that may help answer these questions. Please send the completed questionnaire and any additional information as an electronic email attachment to Holly Herbster, PAL at hherbster@palinc.com  



Address (or neighborhood in which you live):

Organization/Association and title (if applicable):

May we contact you with follow-up questions? If so, best way to reach you:



1. What are the most important historic sites/places/structures in North Attleborough?


2. What do you think should be preserved in North Attleborough? Please list specific properties/places/structures as well as types of properties that are important.


3. Are there any historic properties in North Attleborough that are threatened or in danger of being lost?


4. Can you identify any local or regional groups or organizations that would make good preservation partners?


5. What can Town officials do to support historic preservation in North Attleborough?


6. What can residents do to support historic preservation in North Attleborough?