Heat Advisory Recommendations

Hot Temp

August 27, 2018


The National Weather Service has issued Heat Advisories for most of Southern New England for Tuesday and Wednesday. The worst of the heat and humidity will be Tuesday 8/28/18 and Wednesday 8/29/18 but may last until Thursday 8/29/18. It is important that those who are at most risk of developing a heat-related illness take proper safety precautions. Those at greatest risk are: Infants and young children (under 4); adults 65 years or older; overweight; working or exercising that may cause over exertion; and those people who are physically ill or have chronic health conditions. The Center for Disease Control has 3 recommendations. 1) Stay Cool: wear lightweight, light-colored and loose clothing; stay indoors in air-conditioned places as much as possible. Go to the local Council on Aging, Library or Mall if you don’t have air conditioning yourself. If you are outside, you need to pace yourself; wear a hat; sunscreen; and sunglasses. Never leave children or pets in your car. 2) Stay Hydrated: drink more fluids, even if you are not thirsty. Children, seniors and Pets may not be aware that they need to drink water. 3) Stay Informed: monitor the weather for extreme heat alerts and safety tips; check in on friends and neighbors who may be at risk. Know the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses. Call the North Attleboro Board of Health at 508-699-0104 or email amfleming@nattleboro.com if you have any questions.