Marriage Intentions

Filing Marriage Intentions

1. Both parties must appear together to file marriage intentions.  Marriage intentions are valid anywhere in the Commonwealth for 60 days.  The fee for filing marriage intentions is $25.00 per couple.

2. There is a three-day waiting period after Marriage Intentions are filed before the Marriage License can be issued. (Not counting the day Intentions are filed)

3. A Marriage License must be obtained and the wedding must take place within 60 days from the date intentions are filed. 

4. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts repealed the requirement for a pre-marital blood test as of January 28, 2005.

5. Marriage certificates will be retained on file in the community where the intentions were filed, NOT where the marriage takes place

6.  Legal Impediments to Marriage within Massachusetts may be viewed by clicking here.

7.  A Marriage to be solemnized by an out of state non-resident member of the clergy requires a designation from the Mass. Secretary of State prior to the ceremony.  For information on the process and to download/print an application, please click here.

8. A Marriage to be solemnized by a person who is not usually empowered to perform a marriage ceremony may be authorized if the required designation from the Mass. Secretary of State is obtained prior to the ceremony. 

9. Some of the agencies and individuals that you may want to notify after a Name Change as a result of your Marriage are listed here.