Town Council Subcommittees

The current list of representatives for each standing subcommittee

Finance Subcommittee

Justin Pare (Chair)

Kathleen Prescott
JoAnn Cathcart
John Simmons
Craig Cameron
Derek Folan
John Porter

Rules Subcommittee

Michael Lennox (Chair)

John Simmons
Julie Boyce
John Donohue
Greg St. Lawrence

By-Law Subcommittee

Adam Scanlon (Chair)
JoAnn Cathcart (Vice Chair)
Dan Donovan (Secretary)
Darius Gregory
Andy Shanahan

Economic Growth and Sustainability Subcommittee

Darius Gregory (Chair)
John Simmons (Vice Chair)
Kathleen Prescott (Secretary)
Bill Carlson
Matt Slobogan

School Committee Representative

Keith Lapointe

If you have any questions or comments for any subcommittee member, please reach out to the chair of that committee. Their information is available on the Town Council main page