Water Division

Water Supply & Distribution System

The Town has nine groundwater supply sources, seven of which are located in the Ten Mile River Basins while two are located in the Blackstone River Basin. The water distribution system consists of approximately 150 miles of water mains ranging in diameter from four to sixteen inches.

North Attleborough's Water Source

What is the source of our water? Our water is supplied from nine groundwater wells located throughout Town and in Plainville. We have two wells off Route 152 near the Attleboro Town line, two wells in the southwest corner of Town, one well by the Whiting's Pond, and four wells located in Plainville north of Whiting's Pond. Water pumped from our wells travels through a system of 150 miles of water pipeline located throughout Town with separate services for each residence and business. We have three water storage tanks to store water and have it available for emergency fire fighting usage and above average usage on hot summer days. We have approximately 1,400 fire hydrants located throughout Town and provide water service to over 8,700 residences and businesses.