Meter Installation Requirements

The Town of North Attleborough Water Division requires that all installations be performed by Water Division personnel for meters between 3/4 inches and 1 inches. Meters larger than 1 inch must be provided by the property owner at their cost and installed by the owner's representative under the inspection of Water Division personnel.

All meters must be Neptune Brand Meters, as the Board of Public Works has determined to make the meter system proprietary.

Installations must be scheduled in advance. All properties shall be enclosed and properly and fully plumbed (both sides of a meter) to fit new 3/4 inches or larger meters prior to the date of installation or inspection. The meter shall be installed only in the horizontal position and shall be accessible at all times. If the property is not ready for a meter installation at the time of the appointment, the property owner will need to correct the plumbing issues and reschedule an appointment. If a meter is scheduled to be replaced, the property owner is responsible to ensure that the meter is fully accessible. All meters shall have proper shutoff valves on each side of the meter

The Water Division is responsible for the meter and reading device only and the property owner is responsible for all other plumbing within the home. The owner is responsible for ensuring that all valves are in working condition. The Water Division is not responsible for repairing leaking valves due to the operation of replacing meters. The property owner shall be responsible for all usage due to leaks within the property that register through the meter, including irrigation.

Irrigation meters shall be plumbed before the existing meter only (No deduct meters allowed) and have a backflow device and rain sensor. Meters shall be installed in the horizontal position. All irrigation systems must be pre-plumbed to the irrigation system with no hose bibs within the interior of the property that could be utilized as a bypass. All applications for irrigation meters shall include specifications for a backflow device and a rain sensor incorporated into the system.