Current Workforce

The workforce in North Attleboro represents a variety of skills and education levels.

Because North Attleboro was one of the centers of jewelry manufacturing in the world, there is a legacy of skilled craftsmen in our workforce: machinists, tool and die makers, complex machine operators, etc.

The manufacturing environment in Southeastern Massachusetts has changed in recent years, and the skill base of North Attleboro's workforce has changed with it. There are companies in town that perform complex electric and electronic assembly, and the skills used in these businesses include electronics engineers, electronics technicians, and complex machine operators.

North Attleboro participates in a school-to-work program sponsored by the state of Massachusetts. Students in this program attend North Attleboro High School (NAHS) during the morning and then work as apprentices at local companies in the afternoon. They graduate from NAHS having the specific skills needed at local companies and begin work as fully trained employees.