Woodcock Garrison Burial Ground

This cemetery has been known by a variety of names since the very first person was buried there in 1676. Among the designations it has been known by are the Old North Burying Ground, Hatch's Burying Ground and the Woodcock Cemetery. It is located at the intersection of, and between, North Washington Street and East Washington Street near the Plainville line.

Legend has it that the first burial was John Woodcock's son, Nathaniel, who was killed in 1676 during King Philip's War and buried on the spot where he fell. When the Baptist Church was founded in 1769, the burial ground was connected with the land given to the church.

Today the site contains about 112 stones dated between 1723 and 1825. The site is under the stewardship of the North Attleboro Board of Selectmen. The town Park Department cuts the grass. Broken tree branches, litter and weeds are removed from the site from time to time. The North Attleborough Historical Society uses this cemetery as an outdoor classroom for the third graders in the North Attleborough and Plainville school systems.