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BENCOR OBRA Plan Overview

The Town of North Attleborough provides the BENCOR OBRA Plan as an important retirement benefit for all part-time, seasonal and temporary employees. The Welcome Letter (PDF) provides general information about the plan and outlines available resources for you to get more detailed information. 

Key Features of your OBRA Plan

  • If you are eligible, you are automatically enrolled in the program.
  • Your employer will make a pre-tax contribution of 7.5% of your wages into a retirement account in your name.
  • You will permanently save Social Security taxes that otherwise would be deducted from your wages.
  • Income taxes are deferred on contributions to the plan until you withdraw the money from your account in the plan.
  • Your plan account is always 100% vested and belongs only to you.

Where Can You Get More Information?

  1. Your Employer’s Benefits Department 
    • Read the Frequently Asked Questions below
  2. Online at 
    • Click on Participant Login, select your State, County and Employer then click on Log In. 
    • For first time users, click on New User and follow the prompts. 
    • For returning users, enter your User ID and Password, select Participant from the drop-down menu and Login.
  3. BENCOR National Participant Service Center 
  4. Your Local BENCOR Support Team: 

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