White lightbulb in a yellow circle with red text reading North Attleboro Electric Department

Cheaper electricity for your business is in North Attleboro. The Town of North Attleboro provides its own electric power. Electric service is provided by the North Attleboro Electric Department (NAED). With public power, residents are part-owners of their local electric utility and is a non-profit and tax-exempt, meaning that every dollar paid for electricity goes toward high-quality, reliable, and economical electric service. NAED typically offers lower rates than National Grid and Eversource. The September 2022 commercial rate comparison and the residential rate comparisons can be found in the images below. Electric service for your business can be cheaper in North Attleboro. Other benefits to our own municipal electric service:

  • NAED has a staff of 39 employees which are easily accessible for developers, contractors, and general inquiries allowing us to move quickly on projects.
  • NAED has received a Certificate Excellence in Reliability from the American Public Power Association every year since at least 2012
  • NAED is a Municipal Light Department with some of the best reliability in the country, top quartile in system average interruption duration index or SAIDI
  • NAED reinvests heavily into its Electric Distribution System through several asset management programs such as asset inspections, scheduled replacement of old and undersized cable, targeted tree trimming, underground component testing, and robust substation maintenance.
  • NAED has invested in future looking technology such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure and EV Charging.
  • NAED has long term power contracts directly with generation including wind, solar, nuclear, and hydro.
  • NAED works closely with the Town of North Attleboro in order to ensure new developments are aware of electric construction requirements.

Commerical Industrial Rate Comparison

Commercial Industrial Rate Comparison March 2023

Residential Rate Comparison

Residential Rate Comparison Oct 2021 - Sept 2022