Civil War Memorial Monument

This monument is a true North Attleborough landmark. It is located on the Baptist Common between Park and North Washington Streets, directly in front of the First Baptist Church. The monument was dedicated on November 11, 1911 - some fifty years after the start of the Civil War.

It was designed by Theo Kitson Ruggles and cast in bronze by a Providence firm. The statue is described best by North Attleborough historian Richard L. Sherman, who stated that it "took the form of a Yankee soldier marching resolutely south." The bronze statue, together with its pedestal, stands just under 18 feet in height. On the east side of the pedestal is a bronze plaque that reads:

"On this common was drilled the first company of men in this town who answered the call to arms in defense of the Republic in the days of 1861. On Sunday, June 2nd they attended services in the church here situated. On the next day marched from here to join their regiment."

Civil War Memorial