World War II Memorial Pool

What most residents of North Attleborough usually refer to as "the downtown pool" is located at the northwest corner of the municipal park between the Town Hall and Bank Street. When it was dedicated in June 1951, it was actually one of eight similar World War II Memorial Pools constructed across the United States. Only two other World War II Memorial Pools still exist today.

North Attleborough's World War II Memorial Pool was made possible, as were the other pools, from funds provided by the veterans themselves, as a way of giving back to the town they had served. Adjacent to the pool complex is a large granite stone with an equally large bronze plaque that reads, "In honor of the citizens of the town of North Attleborough who served in World War II." Beneath that are the names of 49 men who died in service, as well as the name of several hundred more veterans who served and lived to return home to North Attleborough.

The Park and Recreation Department took over the operation of the pool in 2006. On July 24, 2008, there was a ceremony to rededicate the pool to the North Attleborough veterans whose generosity led to the construction of the World War II Memorial Pool.