Munroe Memorial

North Attleborough's Community Field was funded by the community and was opened for the football season of 1924. The outstanding player for North Attleborough that year was Clarence A. "Toots" Munroe (1907 to 1930) who went on to star on the Brown University football team. "Toots" Munroe was gravely injured in a game against Yale in 1929 and died from a rare illness the following year.

The Munroe Memorial Gateway was dedicated on November 26, 1931. It is a large granite structure made up of columns that support a granite slab into which is carved, "Community Field. Dedicated to the Youth of North Attleborough.: Beneath this are iron gates leading to Community Field.

On the left side support column is a bronze plaque with a likeness of "Toots" Munroe, running with a football, sculpted in bas relief. Beneath his name is inscribed: "His successes on the athletic field, his goodfellowship and his manliness were an inspiration to his associates."

On the right side support column is another bronze plaque with a lengthy inscription that reads in part: "To the end that he may be held in loving memory in the community in which he lived, this gateway is erected by his parents, James A. Munroe and Martha Munroe, and presented to the Town of North Attleborough to be held in perpetuity for public good."

A third bronze plaque was placed on the site several years later and reads: "The Community Field lighting system is dedicated to the memory of Charles E. Riley and James A. Munroe by their sons Gerald E. Riley and Robert A. Munroe."