Town Council

Town Council's Revised Priorities


1. Develop and Sustain Economic Growth – Economic growth is critical to having sustainable finances while delivering the services our town needs to thrive.

2. A Thriving Community>>> (Improving Infrastructure, and Education) - Developing and sustaining reliable infrastructure, including our downtown area, and providing a high-quality education for our children are critically important elements for our community.

3. A Safe, Open, Inclusive, and Resilient Community>>> (Supporting Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Human Rights) - The threats and impacts associated with natural and human-made disasters are ever-present, and as a community, we are prepared for and ready to respond to any situation or emergency while protecting the dignity of all residents.

4. Good Governance: Effective and Efficient Operations, Transparency & Accountability, and professional development - Transparency and accountability are two critical pillars of good governance. Transparency offers our residents access to the means and manner of the municipal decision-making process. Municipal leaders and employees are accountable to the residents of the town for their actions and decisions. We support Town Staff and Employees as they seek to improve professional knowledge, competencies, skills, and effectiveness.

5. Communication and Public Participation, Engagement - Good governance requires clear communication, easy access to information, and public participation. Town Council will work to expand and improve means of communication, information sharing, and participation at all levels of government.

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Kerrin Billingkoff Clerk to the Town Council 508-699-0100