Town Council Measures Database

  1. Fiscal Year 2023 Measures
Measure Number
Measure Title
2023-001 Confirmation of Appointment of Darlene Brooks-Hedstrom to Historical (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-002 Confirmation of Appointment of Corey Anderson to Cable Advisory Committee (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-003 VOTES Act (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-004 Confirmation of Appointment Kevin Duquette as Sealer of W&M (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-005 Request for Transfer of $17,325.00 from Reserve Fund for Sealer of W&M (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-006 Approval of Transfer from FY23 Salary Reserve Budget to DPW for $100,000 (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-007 Confirmation of Appointment of Connor Tarr to Charter Review (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-008 Approval of Procurement to Repair Boiler at ELC (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-009 Allocation of $100,00 of ARPA Funds for Formation of NA Business Initiative (PDF) Economic Development & Finance
2023-010 Procedure for Naming and Memorializing Bridges, Streets, and Public Areas (PDF) By-Law  
2023-011 To Modify Article XA. Police Regulations, Section 7.A to Allow the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Town Property (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-012 Public Transparency & Engagement Ad Hoc Sub-Committee AMENDED (PDF)
Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-013 Approval of Transfer from FY23 to Pay Invoice for FY22 - Legal Fees for Pace Plaza (PDF) Finance
Memo (PDF)
2023-014 Request to Transfer Tax Titles for 35 Whiting St. & 35 Johnson St. from Treasurer to T.C. (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-015 General Fund Capital Improvement Plan Projects - FY2023 Free Cash (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-016 Confirmation of Appointment of Kali DiMarco to Cultural Council (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-017 Confirmation of Appointment of Ralph DiMarco to Cultural Council (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-018 Confirmation of Appointment of George Suthiere, Jr. to COD (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-019 Approval of 5 Year Contract with Axon for NAPD Body Cameras (PDF)
Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-020 Kelley Blvd. Smart Growth Overlay District Zoning By-Law 40R (PDF) Approved
Memo (PDF)
2023-021 Confirmation of Appointment of Nick Schlierf to the Historical Commission Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-022 Discussion Relative to and Vote for Residential Factor/Shift- FY23 Tax Classification (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-023 Discussion Relative to and Vote for Small Commercial Exemption-FY23 Tax Classification (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-024     Memo (PDF)
2023-025 Authorize payment for the FY22 Holiday Pay Out of FY23 (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-026 Rescind Borrowing Authorization- Safety and Security Improvements- Phase IV (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-027  Vote to Approve Contract with Michael D. Borg (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-028 Confirmation of Jason Gittle to the Planning Board (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-029  Acceptance of Phillip R. Jones Trust (PDF) Finance Memo (PDF)
2023-030 To see if Town will vote to approve Two Million Dollars for MSBA Feasibility (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-031 Confirmation of Dan McMahon to the Board of Health (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-032 Request from FY23 Free Cash in the amount of $115,000.00 for Big Red Bus (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-033 Vote to Amend Zoning By-Laws to Allow Planning Board Associate Member (PDF) Planning  
2023-034  Approval of Transfer of FY23 Free Cash for Constructing a Roadway for Boulter (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-035 Confirmation of Appointment of Kevin O'Donnell to Town Forest (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-036 Confirmation of Appointment for Lisa Balden Pollack to Elections Commission (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-037 Approval For The Town Council To Accept Through Quitclaim Deed Ownership Of The Drainage Lot (Assessor’s Map 29, Lot 337) On Veteran’s Way As Part Of The Cushman Estates Subdivision (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-038 Acceptance of Petition for Verizon New England, Inc. & NAED for Joint or Identical Pole Locations on Holmes Road (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-039 Confirmation of Matthew Fondas to the Historical Commission (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-040 Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-041 Approval of Transfer of $125,000.00 from Capital Improvement Stabilization for North Attleboro Fire Station Feasibility Study (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-042 Confirmation of Appointment of Charnita McClain to Cultural Council (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2023-043 Approval of Request for the Transfer of $9,500.00 for an FY22 Invoice for Weights & Measures (PDF)
Memo (PDF)
2023-044 Authorize Payment for FY22 EMT Stipend Pay out of FY23 Budget (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
  1. Fiscal Year 2022 Measures

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