Town Council Measures Database

  1. Fiscal Year 2023 Measures
Measure Number
Measure Title
2023-001 Confirmation of Appointment of Darlene Brooks-Hedstrom to Historical (PDF) Approved
2023-002 Confirmation of Appointment of Corey Anderson to Cable Advisory Committee (PDF) Approved
2023-003 VOTES Act (PDF) Approved
2023-004 Confirmation of Appointment Kevin Duquette as Sealer of W&M (PDF) Approved
2023-005 Request for Transfer of $17,325.00 from Reserve Fund for Sealer of W&M (PDF) Approved
2023-006 Approval of Transfer from FY23 Salary Reserve Budget to DPW for $100,000 (PDF) Approved
2023-007 Confirmation of Appointment of Connor Tarr to Charter Review (PDF) Approved
2023-008 Approval of Procurement to Repair Boiler at ELC (PDF) Approved
2023-009 Allocation of $100,00 of ARPA Funds for Formation of NA Business Initiative (PDF) Economic Development & Finance
2023-010 Procedure for Naming and Memorializing Bridges, Streets, and Public Areas (PDF) By-Law
2023-011 To Modify Article XA. Police Regulations, Section 7.A to Allow the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Town Property (PDF) Approved
2023-012 Public Transparency & Engagement Ad Hoc Sub-Committee AMENDED (PDF)
2023-013 Approval of Transfer from FY23 to Pay Invoice for FY22 - Legal Fees for Pace Plaza (PDF) Finance
2023-014 Request to Transfer Tax Titles for 35 Whiting St. & 35 Johnson St. from Treasurer to T.C. (PDF) Finance
2023-015 General Fund Capital Improvement Plan Projects - FY2023 Free Cash (PDF) Approved
2023-016 Confirmation of Appointment of Kali DiMarco to Cultural Council (PDF) Approved
2023-017 Confirmation of Appointment of Ralph DiMarco to Cultural Council (PDF) Approved
2023-018 Confirmation of Appointment of George Suthiere, Jr. to COD (PDF) Approved
2023-019 Approval of 5 Year Contract with Axon for NAPD Body Cameras (PDF)
2023-020 Kelley Blvd. Smart Growth Overlay District Zoning By-Law 40R (PDF) Approved
2023-021 Confirmation of Appointment of Nick Schlierf to the Historical Commission Approved
2023-022 Discussion Relative to and Vote for Residential Factor/Shift- FY23 Tax Classification (PDF) Approved
2023-023 Discussion Relative to and Vote for Small Commercial Exemption-FY23 Tax Classification (PDF) Approved
  1. Fiscal Year 2022 Measures

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