Town Council Measures Database

Measure Number Measure Title Status Vote
2024-001 Confirmation of Appointment of Benton W. Keene to become a Constable for the Town of North Attleboro (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-002 Confirmation of Special Police Officer Craig Chapman (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-003 Authorization of Unpaid FY23 Invoices for MIIA for Human Resources Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-004 Authorization of Unpaid FY23 Invoice for Council on Aging (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-005 Funding of a New Scoreboard of the High School Athletic Complex (PDF)   Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-006 Confirmation of Appointment of Library Director Debbie Clifton (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-007 Transfer from Salary Reserve Fund to Library’s Line Item (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-008 Authorization for an unpaid FY23 Invoice for I.T. (PDF)   Memo (PDF)
2024-009 Confirmation of Appointment of Denise Shepard to the Cultural Council (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-010 Authorization of Unpaid FY23 Invoice for NAFD (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-011 Joint Appointment of Town Council and the Board of Public Works to Fill Vacancy on the Board of Public Works. John Donohue of 34 Donald Tenant Circle was the only applicant. Term to expire on March 31, 2024  Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-013 Authorization to Repurpose Funds originally allocated to the Powder House for the painting of the Holmes School (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-014 Authorization to transfer and repurpose $1,398.00 from FY23 Capital Improvement Project- Fire Head Quarter's Furnace Replacement (Free Cash) to supplement the purchase of Two Town Vehicles originally funded in the amount of $60,000.00 (Free Cash) (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-015 Acceptance to Designate North Attleborough as a Purple Heart Community  (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-016 Approval of Funding of Mason Field Playground Area Upgrades (PDF) Finance  
2024-017 Authorization of Transfer from FY23 Free Cash for Big Red Bus Amenities (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-018 Approval of Purchase of Property Located at 451 Elm Street (PDF) Finance  
2024-019 Approval for Fire Alarm Revolving Account One Time Expenditure (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-020 Approval to Establish Regular Scheduled Town Council Sub-Committee Meetings (PDF) Rules  
2024-021 Authorization of FY23 Invoice of $1,499.97 for MIIA May Adjustment (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-022 Emergency Measure to Provide $300,000.00 of Funding for Debris Removal in the Town of North Attleborough (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-023 Authorization to Pay FY23 Invoices in the Amount Totaling $2,860.70 for the North Attleboro Police Department (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)
2024-025 Confirmation of Appointment of Denise LeBreux to the Zoning Board of Appeals  (PDF) Approved Memo (PDF)

Town Council Measures for Fiscal Years 2020 and later can be found in the Document Center.