Benjamin Stanley Freeman House

Located at 390 Mount Hope Street, this "Victorian concoction" began as a simple 2 and a half story house built by Benjamin Freeman (1788 to 1875). It still had that appearance in 1860 when Benjamin Stanley Freeman (1822 to 1903) moved there with his wife and four children. Benjamin Stanley Freeman had married Ann Robinson (1827-1913), the daughter of Henry Robinson the owner of a nearby jewelry firm.

Together with his brother Joseph J. Freeman (1826 to 1878), Benjamin started his own jewelry firm. Later they acquired the Robinson factory, changing the name to Freeman and Company. Following Joseph's death, the firm's name was changed to B.S. Freeman and Company. Benjamin employed 85 workers and made a fortune in the manufacture of "rolled plated curb chains" (gold plated vest chains for pocket watches).

The house at 390 Mount Hope Street acquired its present look in 1877 when Benjamin and Ann Freeman added a 4 and a half story tower with a slate mansard roof and grand entrance pavilion. These additions transformed the property into 4,500 square feet. Victorian Italianate home.

By 1926 the Freeman family was gone and the home was divided into rental units - first two units and, finally, five. It remained this way for more than eighty years. Then, in June 2007, Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum purchased the property and converted it back to a single-family home. The restoration of the home (dubbed the "Mod Vic") was completed in April 2008. The Benjamin Stanley Freeman House is part of the Attleborough Falls Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.