Hixon Hotel

Named after Edgar Hixon, a prominent 19th-century manufacturer, the Hotel Hixon was located at 85 North Washington Street at a time when that was the most traveled roadway between Providence and Boston. The Hotel Hixon opened its 63 rooms to the public in April 1928. From the start, there was no rush to occupy those rooms.

The hotel lost money during its first three months, resulting in the original manager being replaced. The new manager briefly turned things around. By October 29, 1928, all 63 rooms were finally occupied - but it wouldn't last. The Hotel Hixon finished 1928 with a loss of $9,928. The following year it did better if you can call it that, with a loss of only $3233.

The stock market crash of 1929 certainly didn't help - but it would be a highway that finally finished off the Hotel Hixon. In 1930 Route 1 opened and suddenly most of the traffic that used to clog North Washington Street switched to the new highway. What little business the hotel managed to attract now dried up. By 1933 - the very worst year of the Great Depression - North Attle- borough's Hotel Hixon closed its doors for good.

On April 23, 1962, the Catholic Diocese of Fall River bought the building which is planned to convert into a home for the elderly. The Diocese spent $150,000 for the building and several hundred thousand more for renovations and additions. They renamed the building Madonna Manor which, unlike the Hotel Hixon, has remained in business ever since.