Frederic H. Sturdy House

Located at 100 Towne Street, this Queen Anne house was built by jewelry manufacturer Frederic H. Sturdy next door to the home of his father John F. Sturdy (1822 to 1908). The exact date of construction remains unknown, but it has been narrowed down to "sometime between 1871 and 1883."

By 1925 the home had been passed on to Frederic H. Sturdy, Jr. and his wife Amy. They remodeled it in the then-fashionable Colonial Revival mode. The front porch and spire at the front bay were removed and the entire first floor was reworked. The extensive, handsomely landscaped property includes a garage, barn and a cottage.

The Frederic H. Sturdy House is one of twenty Towne Street homes listed as part of the Attleborough Falls Historic District.