John F. Sturdy House

Located at 110 Towne Street, this Victorian-period house was the home of John F. Sturdy (1822 to 1908) a gold-plate manufacturer in Attleborough Falls. John F. Sturdy had gone into business in 1849 with his brother James H. Sturdy. The exact building date of the home is uncertain, but it appears on an 1858 map identified as the residence of John F. Sturdy. At the time the map was drawn, the Sturdy property occupied most of what is now the west side of Towne Street (then known as Elm Street) and included the future site of his son Frederic H. Sturdy's home at 100 Towne Street.

The John F. Sturdy house has many of the characteristics of the Second Empire Style, including a mansard roof which became a major design element in architecture during the second half of the nineteenth century. John F. Sturdy was known for beautification projects in Attleborough Falls. His efforts were noted by John Daggett, who wrote in the early 1890s: "Mr. Sturdy's residence is at the Falls. He is interested in the improvement and beautifying of this pleasant little village, and many years ago took steps in that direction by making an attractive home for himself."

The John F. Sturdy House is one of twenty Towne Street homes listed as part of the Attleborough Falls Historic District.