Current Projects

Restoration of the Mann / Draper Burial Ground

Located on the north side of Draper Avenue, between Old Post Road and Route 1. There were originally about nine grave markers from 1778 to 1808. By 1997 only two stones, plus a fragment, remained. Research on the site began in 2009 when a private donation enabled the Town of North Attleborough Historical Commission to develop a cemetery preservation plan.

For more information see the Mann/Draper Burial Ground Site page.

Restoration of the Holmes Memorial Hall

Built circa 1889, adjacent to the Holmes Schoolhouse. This building served as a meeting hall for the west side of town, for social, religious, and educational events. A recent Eagle Scout project to paint the exterior of the building has enhanced the building and protected the old clapboards. Funding for a new roof was appropriated at the town meeting in 2004 and installed in 2005. We hope to allow the use of the building for public and private meetings and functions.